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Rheological Behavior of the Matrixes of Bauxite-Based Castables

YE Fangbao,Rigaud M. LIU Xinhong   

  1. CIREP, Ecole Polytechnique
  • Published:2003-09-25

Abstract: Rheology of castables is greatly affected and controlled by rheological behavior of their matrix. In this work, the rheological properties of bauxite-based castable matrix have been studied. The effects of super-fine silica and alumina addition, water/cement ratio, dispersants and bauxite particle-size on viscosity, shear rate and shear stress of the slurries have been investigated. Based on these results, the range of optimum composition of the matrix with good rheological behavior has been obtained.

Key words: Rheology, Bauxite, Castable, Matrix