China's Refractories


China's Refractories

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The Future of the Refractory Industry, with a Chinese Perspective

Michel Rigaud*,ZHOU Ningsheng,YE Fangbao   

  1. FIRE, Ecole Polytechnique, Mechanical Engineering Dept., University of Montreal
  • Published:2005-12-25

Abstract: Globalization is a reality resulting in many changes in the refractory industry. In this paper some of the threats and opportunities, which are influencing the future prosperity of the refractory industry on a worldwide basis, are being evoked. Some key technical and management issues are underlined, in terms of adjusting the productivity-quality-cost to the customers requirements; producing unshapes versus shapes; innovations supported by research; international profile for the import-export game; training and education. Consequences for China, who does play a dominant role due to the size of its internal market (customers demand) and the magnitude of its production capability (including raw materials availability), are being drawn.

Key words: Review, Refractories industry, Technology, Management, Market