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Rheology of Alumina-Based Graphite-Containing Castables

YE Fangbao,M.Rigaud,LIU Xinhong   

  1. CIREP, Ecole Polytechnique
  • Published:2005-03-25

Abstract: In this work, the rheological behavior of ultra-low cement alumina-based castables with addition of flake graphite and extruded graphite pellets has been investigated by using IBB rheometer. Emphasis has been laid on the influence of the type and amount of carbon addition on rheological properties of the alumina-based castables and the results are compared with corresponding alumina castable samples without any carbon addition. It is found that alumina-based castables with extruded graphite pellets have good rheological behavior and flowability with lower water demand (< 6.3%) and no segregation during the shearing of castable.